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Colorful History #79 – A Two-Spirit (Indigenous Queer) Perspective 

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Learn the history of Two-Spirit people in the Americas!  

Did you know:  prior to the arrival of Europeans in North and South America, and continuing through modern day, many Indigenous cultures have viewed gender outside the binary definitions of “man” or “woman”? In fact, “Two-Spirit” people have played many important roles in the day-to-day life of their communities.  

This comic offers an Indigenous queer perspective on sex and gender, and their place in culture. It defines the term “Two-Spirit,” and it explores the unique spiritual connections that Two-Spirit people are seen to have in different Indigenous communities.  

Students will learn about:  

  • The origins of the term Two-Spirit and its significance;  
  • Notable Two-Spirit people throughout U.S. history;  
  • Roles that Two-Spirit people have held in their communities; and  
  • Modern Two-Spirit gatherings.  

 Each free Colorful History download includes the 4-page comic (with process art and script) and a teaching guide with standards-aligned discussion questions, project ideas, and other classroom resources. 

Estimated Lexile Levels 

  • Comic: 1010 – 1200 
  • Endnotes: 1010 – 1200 

Projects and discussion questions are aligned to Common Core standards for grades 8-10. 

Story by Cristoso Apache
Art by Moe Butterfly 

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