Excellence in Graphic Literature Submissions

Graphic novel artists, writers, creators, and publishers are invited to submit original, book-length graphic literature for consideration.

Pop Culture Classroom defines  graphic literature as an art form that synthesizes text and sequential images to present a story or series of stories with lasting artistic, intellectual, literary, and cultural value. This medium incorporates written and graphic elements that work in tandem to create an evocative and complex reading experience. 

Submission Rules & Requirements

  1. Titles must have a publication and distribution date that falls between January 1 and December 31, 2022.
  2. Submitted titles may be published outside of the United States, but must have distribution within the United States to qualify for consideration.
  3. Submitted titles must be in finished, ready-to-print digital format. Books must be submitted in English translations if published in another language.
  4. Comic media published exclusively in a single-issue format will not be accepted. However, collected editions of material previously published in a single format qualify for consideration, as long as the publication date falls between January 1 and December 31 for that year’s award.
  5. Titles must be submitted for consideration in one of two distinctions: Fiction or Non-fiction. The submitter is responsible for choosing a distinction for each title submitted.
  6. Titles must be submitted for consideration in one of four categories: Children (Pre-k to 4th Grade/ ages 0–10 ), Middle-Grade (Grades 5-8 / ages 10–14), Young Adult (Grades 9-12 / ages 14–18), or Adult (ages 18+ ). The submitter is responsible for choosing a category for each title submitted. Titles will be evaluated in part for their value and accessibility to the chosen age category. Please see the judging criteria for more information. 
  1. Publishers are allowed to submit a maximum of TWO (2) books per category for each distinction. For example, a publisher may submit 2 Fiction and 2 Non-Fiction titles for each category.
  2. Every submitted title will be considered for a Book of the Year and/or Mosaic Award nominations.
  3. Category finalists are eligible for the Reader’s Choice Award, which will be determined by an online vote.
  4. Members of the juries and advisory board may reach out to authors, editors, or publishers only with the purpose of providing them with the link to the submission form. No other communication between juries and submitting parties will be made.
  5. Titles must be submitted through the form below.

Submit Your Graphic Novel

Complete submissions must be received no later than February 12, 2023, to be accepted for consideration.

New for 2023

To be considered for an award, submissions must include:

  • A digital upload of the book. Use our secure, online form; or email egl@popcultureclassroom.org to arrange an alternate method of sending a digital version of your title submission; and
    • 6 physical copies of each of your submissions, mailed to Pop Culture Classroom’s Offices. These will be distributed to jurors evaluating your title. Please mail six (6) physical copies of your title submission to:

      Pop Culture Classroom 
      Attn: EGL Awards 
      1420 N. Ogden St. STE A1 
      Denver, CO 80218

You will receive an email confirming your submission and categories within 5 business days of completing your submission. 

Submissions are now closed for the Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards are now closed. check back in June to learn this year’s Finalists and Winners.