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What I Do

I handle bookkeeping, HR policies and procedures, payroll, items needed for the staff and office. I work with the Executive Director on the administrative aspects of running the organization.

Areas of Expertise

I would say my areas of expertise have to do more with connecting with people. I am also really good at paying people, lol! During the convention, I run the kid’s lab stage. I have done a lot of work as a stage manager and I am also an actor, so that is one area where I really feel comfortable and feel like all my skills can come together to help the organization.

My Favorite Fandoms

I am obsessed with Norsemen. I also am a huge fan of Firefly, Monk, scary movies, Marvel, anything with Simon Pegg, Agent Carter, any and all plays/movies/shorts by Martin McDonagh, anything involving Taika Waititi – especially when he teams up with Rhys Darby, The Boys, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, the Charley Davidson Series, all books by Scott Sigler… I could probably list a bunch more, but those ones are my favorites.

Why I Do It

I love what PCC offers to schools and the community. I am really proud to be a part of an organization that gives children a creative outlet and a more powerful connection with learning.

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