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What I Do

When not working as an outreach instructor for Pop Culture Classroom, I write and illustrate a self published comic book called “Elsewhere.” The series revolves around a surreal neighborhood diner, and the odd cast of characters who come to inhabit the space.

Areas of Expertise

  • Character design
  • Storyboarding

Color Theory

  • Art History

My Favorite Fandoms

  • Adventure Time
  • Spider-Man
  • X-men
  • Indie comics from Michael Deforge or Chris Ware

Why I Do It

I find storytelling through comics and cartoons to be the best way to create artwork that people can find deep connection with. They’re an art form that isn’t intimidating to interact with for most. Cartoons are odd and abstract characters and this lets them engage a wide audience of people to form common connections that they might not have otherwise.

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