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What I Do

I conceptualize and manage PCC’s variety of educational programs including our outreach workshops, educational comics, graphic novel teaching guides, activities at events, and more. I ensure that PCC’s educational programs maintain a high level of academic rigor while remaining accessible, creative, and fun! I also work to advocate for our programs with donors, grants, partner organizations, and other stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise

K-12 teaching practices and curriculum, integrating pop culture and academic content, building authentic connections with youth and teachers.

My Favorite Fandoms

The Legend of Zelda (and most things Nintendo), Resident Evil, The Last of Us, and assorted board games

Why I Do It

Before starting at PCC, I worked as a teacher in elementary schools for six years both in NYC and Fort Worth, Texas. I loved mixing my pop culture passions into my teaching practices and witnessed first-hand the positive response and increase in engagement from my students. I also experienced the many barriers that teachers can face when trying to incorporate unfamiliar and innovative practices like these. Now, I take great pride and pleasure in removing those obstacles and giving students and teachers the tools they need to be able to utilize tools like comics, board games, video games, and film/tv in the classroom.

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