Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards


Celebrating the best in fiction and nonfiction graphic novels

The Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards is launching in response to the phenomenal expansion and appreciation of graphic novels. The creators and content of graphic literature are more diverse and eclectic than ever, and the format is experiencing tremendous growth in the book market as well as an increasing impact on literacy, education, and academia.

Not only do graphic novels have an incredible effect on library circulation, Pre-K through adult educators also recognize how graphic novels engage students across the entire ability and interest spectrum.  Comics and graphic novels are also creating new career opportunities for storytellers as graphic novels have become a common source of inspiration for the film, theater, television, and gaming industries.

Pop Culture Classroom is proud to honor the world-class creators of this art form through the Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards. This awards program is directly connected to our mission to inspire a love of learning, increase literacy, celebrate diversity and build community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression.



Awards will be given to the best in graphic literature for the following categories:

Children’s Fiction (Grade 5 & Under)

Children’s Nonfiction (Grade 5 & Under)

Middle Grade Fiction (Grades 6-8)

Middle Grade Nonfiction (Grades 6-8)

Young Adult Fiction (Grades 9-12)

Young Adult Nonfiction (Grades 9-12)

Adult Fiction

Adult Nonfiction

Mosaic Award – This honor recognizes the ever-growing number of talented storytellers and rich content that come from our diverse communities, ethnicities, nationalities, faiths, genders, and orientations. The Mosaic Award is open to titles that span any age range. Qualification for this category must include a statement as to how the submission reflects the principles of the Mosaic Award.

Book of the Year – Nominees for each of the above categories will be entered into competition for the Book of the Year. Book of the Year will represent the year’s very best in graphic literature.