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By Rachel Brazell

Pop Culture Classroom’s instructors have a lot of fun teaching our student workshops — and so do the kids and teens we serve!

Case in point: this week Outreach Instructor Jorge Arroyo greeted students for his “Cosplay on a Budget ” workshop at Rock Canyon High School in Littleton, CO dressed as Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. But he was not the only movie character who joined the session.

One high school student arrived in an incredible Five Nights at Freddy’s cosplay complete with an animatronic reveal!

Jason Parker, the teacher-librarian at Rock Canyon HS, was looking for a way to engage his students using the comics, graphic novels, and Manga he saw frequently requested in the school library.

He connected with the artists and educators at Pop Culture Classroom to provide enrichment activities during a week-long mini-con he is hosting at his school’s library.

Clearly, students took Parker’s invitation to treat the in-school event as a real comic convention to heart. They donned cosplay and have enthusiastically participated in the workshops from Pop Culture Classroom.

Pop Culture Classroom is delighted to be joining Mr. Parker and his students for their comic convention this week. And we are impressed by the creative results we have seen so far. Even so, we can’t wait to see what the Rock Canyon students might wear — and design — in our Worldbuilding for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Map-Making activity on Thursday.

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Let’s collaborate! Our workshops aren’t just fun — and believe me, they’re a lot of fun — but they also help kids and teens:

  • Think Critically – Look beneath the surface of the stories and media you love.
  • Create Like the Pros – Engage in the creative process by learning to make comics, board games, or cosplay.
  • Become a Master of Fiction – Learn to create fictional worlds and write stories about them.
  • Play the Part – Play new games and learn how video, board, and role-playing games get made.
  • Choose A Career Path – Discover what it takes to be a professional artist and how to get a career in pop culture.

Be a Superhero — Get Involved! 

Photo: PCC Outreach Instructor Will works with a student
Photo: PCC Outreach Instructor Will works with a student

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