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Pop Culture Classroom, Local Creators Bring Helene Rother’s Story to Life

Denver, CO – May 8, 2024 – Pop Culture Classroom is proud to announce the release of “Helene Rother: Automotive Design Pioneer,” a new comic and free teaching tool authored by and produced in collaboration with students at Arvada High School.

“Students chose their topics for the project, and we were thrilled for them to introduce us to Helene Rother. From her humble beginnings as a mother and refugee fleeing the Nazis in Europe to her revolutionary impact on automotive design and marketing, Rother’s story shows resilience, innovation, and glamour.”

— Matt Slayter, Pop Culture Classroom’s Director of Education.

The comic is accompanied by a comprehensive teaching guide that includes discussion questions, project ideas, and Common Core standards alignments, making it an invaluable tool for educators seeking to engage students in discussions about history, design, and gender equality in the workplace.

“We’re thrilled to offer this unique and free educational resource TO students, educators, and parents, but we’re even more thrilled that this is a story BY students.”

— Matt Slayter, Pop Culture Classroom’s Director of Education

“Helene Rother: Automotive Design Pioneer” was conceived and written by Arvada High School students (and siblings) Silo and Kerra Chamberlain and brought through a special in-class project, and it was to life with lettering by R. Alan Brooks and bold, retro-style artwork from Scorpio Steele (Image Comics’ Rain and cover artist for DC Comics’ Penguin #1).

“Pop Culture Classroom is committed to providing students with opportunities for creative self-expression and shining a spotlight on important historical figures like Helene Rother. We encourage educators and parents to download the comic and share it with their communities.”

— Matt Slayter, Pop Culture Classroom’s Director of Education

“Helene Rother: Automotive Design Pioneer” is available now as a free download. To access the comic and teaching guide, visit

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