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PCC and KidLit.TV Unveil EGL 2018 Finalists!

We’re excited to announce that Pop Culture Classroom has partnered with children’s literature authority and content streaming site KidLit TV, granting KidLit TV the rights to stream Excellence in Graphics Literature (EGL) Awards announcements leading up to the awards ceremonies at Denver Pop Culture Con 2018.

Announcing the 2018 Finalists

The first of these streams will occur at approximately 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 15 from the KidLit TV studios in New York City, hosted by Rocco Staino and Carol Fitzgerald of The Book Report Network.

During the event, Judging Committees Chairs for each of the EGL Award categories will present their finalist picks, reporting from libraries and bookstores in California, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Illinois and New York City.

To view the stream, visit at the date and time listed above and the stream should play directly in your browser (internet connection required). You can visit the page now to learn more and even set a reminder to have the site alert you when the event is about to start.

If your schedule won’t allow you to watch the event live, not to worry. You’ll be able to visit the same page after the event concludes to watch it at any time on-demand.

2018 Award Categories

We’ve made a few changes to the award categories since our last official press release, so here’s an up-to-date list for reference.

One particularly important addition is the Mosaic Award, which you can read about in detail in our blog post HERE.

  • Best in Children’s Books
  • Best in Middle Grade Books
  • Best in Young Books
  • Best in Adult Books
  • Mosaic Award
  • Book of the Year
Awards Ceremony at Denver Pop Culture Con 2018

The inaugural year of the Excellence in Graphic Literature program will culminate in an awards ceremony at this year’s Denver Pop Culture Con.

Finalists, award winners, luminaries and leaders from the publishing industry will be invited to the ceremonies scheduled for the evening of Saturday, June 16.  The event will also be open to attendees.

Denver Pop Culture Con will have an even greater emphasis on literature, graphic novels and publishing this year, with more than 100 author and publisher guests scheduled to attend. You can view a complete list of guests announced to-date at

About the Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards

The Excellence in Graphics Literature program was begun by Pop Culture Classroom to help create a greater awareness of the value the comics medium and the graphic novel format brings the world of reading.

With these awards the intent is to grow legitimacy and respect for the graphic novel format, the comics medium and its creators, and drive growth for the graphic novel publishing category.

Learn more at

About KidLit TV

KidLit TV (KLTV) is a winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the Norton Juster Award for Devotion to Literacy, and one of the American Library Association’s Great Websites For Kids.

KLTV is available in over 600,000 schools worldwide via our website and video distribution partners. We’re a diverse group of parents, educators, librarians, kid lit creators, and award-winning filmmakers, working together to create fun new ways to reinforce an appreciation of reading that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Learn and see more at KidLit TV.

For Next Time…

We can’t wait to unveil the Excellence in Graphic Literature Award finalists for our inaugural year and hope you can join us for the stream.

As always, if you have more questions or would like to suggest a topic for us to cover, feel free to write them in the comments below, post them on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, or send them to

Future posts will continue to provide more updates on the awards process, plus guidance and resources to help make your exploration into the world of graphic literature (in, and out, of the classroom) the best it can be.

Be Well, Read More!




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