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(Denver, CO) — As schools and libraries close across the US, Pop Culture Classroom is working to help provide educational content for students in the face of uncertainty over class scheduling. In addition to the free comics and other educational resources currently available on our website, PCC is also making our two curricular units — Storytelling Through Comics and Game On! — 100% free to download for the foreseeable future.

“Social distancing shouldn’t mean keeping kids from learning opportunities,” said Adam Kullberg, educational director at Pop Culture Classroom. “We feel our educational comics, curricula, and graphic novel reading guides are great ways to keep kids engaged while school schedules are up in the air.”

Below are some resources from Pop Culture Classroom to help keep kids engaged in learning during social distancing efforts:

These and other resources are available online at


Pop Culture Classroom (PCC) is a Denver-based education and community group dedicated to using pop culture to encourage literacy, learning, and strong, inclusive communities. PCC hosts the annual Denver Pop Culture Con (formerly Denver Comic Con), bringing together tens of thousands of pop culture fans, educators, and interested community members for a three-day celebration of the stories, characters, and other pop culture that brings us together. For more information on Pop Culture Classroom and additional resources for students, teachers, and adult guardians, please visit the PCC website at:

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