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By Andrew “Drew” Reynolds, Classroom Teacher and Pop Culture Classroom Volunteer

I have been a teacher for almost twenty years. I’ve been a volunteer with Pop Culture Classroom for 10…and counting.

Tomorrow is Colorado Gives Day, and I hope you’ll support the work of Pop Culture Classroom. Your gift will directly benefit students like mine.

Personally, I have hundreds of stories I could tell you about the impact Pop Culture Classroom has had on my teaching, my students, and their families over the years. Let me tell you about one of them…

Binder of Comics

I was teaching 8th grade and had just started our unit on the Cold War. As I was going through the significance of the United Nations, one of my students started answering all my questions and listing facts about the UN and the Cold War.

I just had to ask him, “Where did you learn all of this?”

He said, “Oh, you know, that binder of comics in the back? Yeah, I read that.”

“That binder of comics” was my collection of Pop Culture Classroom’s Colorful History series. I have seen the impact of these free, educational comics — and other resources from Pop Culture Classroom — on my students and their ability to engage with learning, time and time again.

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By giving a gift today, you can increase Pop Culture Classroom’s ability to help students with a new, more exciting way of engaging with material.

I know you know how special Pop Culture Classroom is. Every student comes from a different background with different experiences. Pop Culture Classroom works every day to engage and connect students. This Colorado Gives Day, will you help?


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