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This summer, Pop Culture Classroom’s team of artists and instructors taught 12 amazing summer camps, reaching more than 160 students throughout the Denver Metro area.

By Rachel Brazell

Thanks to Pop Culture Classroom’s programs, students were able to have some incredible opportunities to learn, create, and connect, including:

  • Writing their own comics on the themes of Cultivating Kindness at the Evergreen and Lakewood Public Libraries in Jefferson County.
  • Building their own original board games prototypes at the Westwood Opportunity Center, Z-Place, Discovery Link at DMLK and at the Parker Arts and Cultural Events Center. 
  • Attending FAN EXPO Denver, where they showed off the wearable art and cosplay costumes they created at Cosplay Camp at The PACE Center using event tickets included with camp registration.
  • Learning how to create shading when using pens, that any idea is valuable, and that drawing can be fun even when it is hard at the Comic Book Creation Camp in Lafayette.

These “Eureka” moments will last PCC summer campers long past the end of summer and we can’t wait to see the artwork, games, stories and costumes these young creators think up in the future! 

Bring Pop Culture Classroom to Your Denver-Area School of Library

Pop Culture Classroom Workshops are taught by artists, writers, and other pop culture experts and professionals. Highly customizable, these workshops are available as one-off workshops or multi-class courses for children 8+, teens, adults, and as intergenerational experiences. Please reach out to our Education Team to learn more.

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Pop Culture Classroom believes educators should not have to pay out-of-pocket for curriculum and resources. As a non-profit organization, we rely on support from the community to continue our valuable work and provide resources at no-cost. 

By contributing to the cause, you can help provide access to engaging and educational resources that inspire young minds to become lifelong learners.

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