Denver Comic Con (DCC), Denver’s largest consumer convention and a program of education-nonprofit Pop Culture Classroom (PCC), announced it will conduct “Women in the Industry Today” programming at the June 17 – 19, 2016 event at the Colorado Convention Center.

These sessions will feature notable cartoonists, comic book artists, animators and writers such as Barbara Kesel (Hawk & Dove), Jennifer Shiman (30-Second Bunnies Theater), Cat Staggs (Wonder Woman ’77), Mindy Newell (Wonder Woman), Trina Robbins (Go Girl!), Marguerite Sauvage (Faith), Dana Simpson (Phoebe and Her Unicorn) and Chrissie Zullo (Fables: The Wolf Among Us). Attendees will learn about these women who work in the comics industry, what inspires them, and how they found success. “Women in the Industry Today” will be just one of the dozens of educational panels and academic-presented and literary conference sessions for Denver Comic Con attendees who are interested in learning more about women who work or have worked in the comics industry, or in science, teaching or the arts.

DCC is also proud to host Judy Burns, who in 1966 was one of the first female screenwriters to break into the male-dominated television industry, and over the course of a quarter-century career in TV, wrote teleplays for Star Trek, Wonder Woman, and Bionic Woman, among many others.

“By focusing on education and providing guests, programming and events that encourage diversity, we strive to promote tolerance and empower our community,” said Denver Comic Con programming director Bruce MacIntosh.

Denver Comic Con has quickly become one of the most attended pop culture conventions in America. The popularity is due in part because of its robust schedule of programming—more than 400 hours of sessions during which artists, creators, celebrities and industry experts talk about their craft and their creations—as well as its family-friendly mission and environment. The largest portion of the show floor, more than 9,000 sq. ft., is dedicated to teens and children with activities designed to engage kids in education through pop culture.