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Have you ever wanted to create your own board game? Kids attending Pop Culture Pop Culture Classroom’s Game On! Camp at the Museum of Boulder last week got the chance to just that as they designed and created their own games. Check out some of our camp highlights below.

Conrad’s USA-Themed Risk Game

Using the style of the game RISK, Conrad created his own version which included a map, specialty attack features for the armies and his extensive knowledge of US state facts. 

Aleo’s Crackers Game

You are a bacteria who tries to eat crackers to move ahead to the tomato, but watch out because if you eat a rotten cracker it steals your life value and infects good crackers you collected with rot. Spicy crackers speed up game play and let you get another turn. Eat/ collect enough cracker tokens and make it to the tomato and you can evolve from a bacterium into a Carrot-Human with Poison Berry abilities!

Elisa and Haddie’s Magic Portal Game

Choose the correct door to pass through the different portals and get different tasks. Some help you move into the next realm in the game some will send you back or kill you… choose wisely to make it to the last portal and activate the gem clock which can time travel to the next level of game play in the expansion version (coming out this fall…)

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