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Mission Statement

Pop Culture Classroom ignites a love of learning, increases literacy, celebrates diversity and builds community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression.

  • From DCC'14: While only two guests were in the room, they insisted on a surprise call to a fellow cast member during the panel.
  • David Yost (left),Walter Jones (mid), Robert Axelrod (right) talk Power Rangers at DCC2014.
  • DCC'14: Kevin Conroy visits our Kids area.
  • Surprise guest Jeffrey Donovan crashes Bruce Campbell's panel Saturday night at Denver Comic Con 2014.
  • DCC'14: The great Adam West visits our kids area!
  • DCC'14: LeVar Burton explains the importance of the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter program.
  • DCC'14: Star Wars fun!
  • From DCC'14: "... we don't respect them enough, and we don't pay them enough."
  • DCC'14: Denver Citywide marching band lead attendees throughout the convention center.
  • Edward James Olmos at DCC'14!
  • A full time-lapse of the Denver Comic Con 2014 show floor
  • Denver Comic Con has a zero tolerance policy for harassment!
  • One of the biggest dangers facing con-goers today.
  • A children's story adventure through DCC2014.

About Pop Culture Classroom

Pop Culture Classroom (PCC) is a Denver-based education nonprofit that offers pop culture, core-aligned educational programs. The driving power behind PCC stems from our personal experiences of the positive influence of comics and other pop culture media in our own lives. We envision individuals transformed by the educational power of popular culture who create diverse, inclusive and engaged communities.


"The Classroom" program understands that parents are one of the most important assets to furthering our mission, vision and values, which is why we are looking forward to providing resources for parents to engage their learners at home, in the car, at the supermarket and even before bed!


"The Classroom" program provides the resources to increase academic skills, as well as literacy and art skills, and enhance their students’ personal awareness in the classroom.


We engage entire communities through the “Denver Comic Con” (DCC) program. The proceeds from this annual, education-centered, family-friendly, pop culture fan event benefits our organization’s educational endeavors overall. Other ways PCC strives to have a positive impact in the local community are our frequent partnerships with other established organizations.


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