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Students today are immersed in pop culture, from graphic novels and video games to movies and social media. By tapping into the media students are already familiar with and excited about, pop culture can bridge the learning gap and help students succeed in the classroom and beyond!

By Chris Burley and Matt Slayter

Pop culture can help educators and parents encourage students to read more and improve their literacy skills, which is especially important now. Recent years have seen a decline in reading scores, and fewer students are reading for pleasure.

Engaging Students with Pop Culture

The new school year offers an opportunity for parents and educators to harness the power of pop culture and make learning more exciting and approachable for students! Get started with these resources for back-to-school.

Teach with Comics and Games

Free Curriculum

For educators looking to integrate pop culture into their teaching approach, Pop Culture Classroom offers comprehensive comic book and board game-creation curricula.

These resources provide creative and interactive ways to demonstrate student learning, from science and history to math and literature. By incorporating comics and games into the learning process, teachers can spark enthusiasm, creativity, and critical thinking in their students.

Graphic Novel and Manga Teaching Guides

Three students work on a board game design during a Ppop Culture Cclassroom workshop

Pop Culture Classroom also offers graphic novel and manga teaching guides for popular titles like Batman, Naruto, and more.

These guides provide educators with valuable, standards-aligned project ideas and discussion questions that promote grade-specific learning goals. By incorporating these guides into their planning, teachers can harness the power of graphic storytelling to deepen their students’ engagement with learning objectives. 

Expand Your Library

Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards

If you’re wondering which new graphic novels to stock in your classroom or school library, look no further!

The Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards celebrate outstanding fiction and nonfiction graphic novels in every age category that offer academic or social-emotional learning potential.  This year’s winners — selected by a jury of experts represent a diverse range of genres and themes, ensuring there’s something for every student’s interest.

Colorful History Comics

Pop Culture Classroom’s Colorful History comic series illustrates a variety of historical events, making them more approachable and captivating for young minds. From “The Boston Tea Party” to “Anime in America”, students can explore pivotal moments in history and gain a deeper understanding of our country’s past.

Recent Comics

Bring Pop Culture Classroom to Your School or Community Center

Pop Culture Classroom brings the excitement of games and storytelling into classrooms, libraries, and community centers in the Denver, Colorado, area — working to enrich the educational experience for students and participants by creating dynamic and interactive learning environments that resonate with young people.

Photo: PCC Outreach Instructor Will works with a student
Photo: PCC Outreach Instructor Will works with a student

Be a Superhero — Expand Your Impact!

Please share these resources with the educators, parents, and students who you know! Your recommendation could help kids build a lifetime love of learning!

Donate to Support Literacy, Learning, and Connection

Pop Culture Classroom believes educators should not have to pay out-of-pocket for curriculum and resources. As a non-profit organization, we rely on support from the community to continue our valuable work and provide resources at no-cost. 

By contributing to the cause, you can help provide access to engaging and educational resources that inspire young minds to become lifelong learners.

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